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I will work with you and your dog to understand their unwanted behaviours. I will provide you with a step - by - step behaviour modification quide individually designed for your lifestyle and your dog.


I qualified as a Canine Behaviourist in 2009. I work with all unwanted behaviours such as:


Aggression:- Directed to other dogs, lunging at strangers or growling over food.

Hyperactivity:- Jumping up at people, destructive behaviours such as chewing or digging, compulsively spinning, overexcitement.

Anxieties:- Barking, whining, defecting in the home.

Obsessive Behaviours:- Tail chasing, licking paws or legs, shadow chasing.

Phobias:- Fear of thunder, of other dogs.

Timidity:- Fear or frighten of anything at an extreme level.


I will provide help and advice to reshape the dog to be more socially acceptable.